• Canadian government approved pharmacies

    When you go to the Canadian pharmaceuticals online homepage, you are presented with a number of different stores to choose from, such as grocery stores, pharmacies and pet stores. The benefit of this service is that Walmart stores can be found across the country, and most participate in Walmart Grocery to one degree or another. From curbside pickup to delivery to your front door, these services can make grocery shopping a breeze. Another perk is that some of the best dog food subscription services even give you offerings based on your specific dog’s needs. We’re certainly not here to make sweeping statements on what type of dog food is best — we’ll leave that to the experts — but rather to relay your options for buying dog food online. Plus, you won’t have to leave home, so you’ll save time and gas, too. A 40-ounce bag costs $75, which isn’t cheap, but if you subscribe for monthly shipments you’ll save 20%. And you can save 50% off your order right now when you use the promo code EASY50 at checkout.

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